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The British Horological Institute (BHI) was founded in London in 1858, “To promote the art and science of horology for the mutual protection and benefit of its members”. Ninety years later it was felt that the Institute would be better served by the establishment of branches and provincial centres, and, with northern watchmakers leading the way, regional branches were formed all over the British Isles and in other countries.

This branch was set up in 1954.

Membership rose to over fifty – out of about four hundred watchmakers in the area. We still have an active membership of a similar number, of both professional horologists and enthusiastic amateurs in an area that covers the whole of East Anglia.

In 2004, we are celebrating 50 years as a branch, and decided to mark the occasion with an exhibition. It is a recognition of the work of our members, a celebration of clockmaking in East Anglia and an opportunity for the public to meet the BHI.

The exhibition was organised by the committee and members. At least 35 individuals contributed hundreds of exhibits, and other people helped in a variety of ways.

The exhibition was held from 3 -7 August 2004 at the Corn Exchange, Ipswich, and we would like to give special thanks to the staff who were unfailingly helpful and friendly.

The Catalogue

This electonic catalogue is written in simple HTML, and it works like any website. It may look a little old-fashioned, but by avoiding scripts, Flash animations, etc., it should be possible to view it on any computer with a web browser. A few documents have been duplicated as MS Excel files, to enable sorting, searching etc.

Each section can function as a slide show. Select the first, or any picture in the index page for each chapter, and then use the navigation buttons at the top and bottom of each page.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, it is dependant on information supplied, and subject to the usual human frailties.

Original Pictures

The pictures in the catalogue pages have been reduced to a standard size for ease and speed of viewing. Some people may wish to study them in greater detail, so we have included the original, unedited pictures in a separate folder on the disc. In most cases, you can click on an image to link to the original.

Copyright is reserved by the authors. Please ask if you wish to use any pictures for commercial purposes.

Photography by:
Ray Cooper, Ian Coote, Tim Garrett, Ray Darnell.

Posters and Mugs

The poster was designed and printed by committee members. We also designed a coffee mug, produced for us by Lowestoft Porcelain, and sold at the exhibition and afterwards. They proved very popular and are now sold out.