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Links to Horological organisations.


British Horological Institute



 Main Site: Formed in 1858 to promote horology, the BRITISH HOROLOGICAL INSTITUTE today continues to provide education, standards and support to its 3,000 members around the world involved in making, repairing and servicing clocks and watches.


Branches - The following BHI branches have their own websites. For details of other branches, go to the BHI Main site


South London


South West


Bristol Branch and West Country Clock Fair



Antiquarian Horology Society



Main site:  The Antiquarian Horological Society (AHS) is a learned society formed in 1953. It exists to promote the study of clocks and watches and the history of time measurement in all its forms.


Groups and Sections. Our local AHS group is the East Anglian SectionFor details of others, go to the main site

Specialist groups are below:

    Electrical Horology Group
    Turret Clock Group


National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (USA)



Main site:  Founded in 1943, The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc. (NAWCC)is a nonprofit scientific organization that serves as a unique educational, cultural, and social resource for its membership and the public at large


For further links:



Horology - The Index: the most extensive collection of horological resources on the internet. Horology - The Index is your gateway to all aspects of clocks, watches, timekeeping, and the science of horology.